What is Weddings from home?

Due to Pandemic, several wedding came to a halt. Couples were heartbroken to call off or postpone their wedding. However, to many, wedding dates are very important and they started looking for options. This is when Matrimonyindians.com came up with the initiative of ‘Weddings from Home’ (WFH) – an online wedding to help couples get married online smoothly and celebrate their big day with as much fanfare.

We stand by our 'Promise of togetherness' and in times of social distancing, this initiative is one of the ways we are delivering the promise. Doing WFH can be completely fun as it’s a DIY idea and you can play around with a lot of things. Matrimonyindians.com arranged for a pandit to officiate the wedding, a makeup artist to take an online tutorial to help the bride get prepared and a Sangeet singer to entertain the guests and add spark to the celebration all on an online video call. All the relatives and friends even if they are not so ‘tech-friendly’ are opening up to this idea and are completely supporting the couples. Sushen Dang and Keerti Narang managed to have all functions online from Mehendi to sangeet, and of course the puja and pheras. Wedding from home proved that love triumphs all and added some positivity during these times of gloom.

Three online weddings have been conducted until now with the same energy and glamor of a physical wedding. The lockdown wedding are becoming larger and more and more couples are embracing it, many more online wedding are lined up as we are receiving 3 -4 requests per day. We plan to encourage this initiative and get many vendors – from DJ, dhol to choreographers on board with us to make these virtual weddings as big and beautiful as a physical wedding.

“Weddings From Home” is a concept or service that enables couples to have their wedding ceremonies remotely, often via online platforms. This idea gained significant traction during the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing measures and lockdowns made traditional in-person wedding difficult or impossible.

The key features of “Weddings From Home” typically include:

Virtual Ceremonies:

Couples can get married via video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, or other streaming services, allowing friends and family to witness the event remotely.

Live Streaming:

Professional services often provide high-quality live streaming of the wedding, ensuring a smooth and memorable experience for remote attendees.

Digital Invitations:

Couples can send digital invites and manage RSVPs online.

Virtual Receptions:

Post-ceremony celebrations can also be conducted online, with virtual toasts, speeches, and even remote entertainment options.

Legal Services:

Some services help with the legal aspects of getting married remotely, ensuring that the marriage is legally binding.

Customized Packages:

Many providers offer customizable packages that can include everything from virtual wedding planning, decor advice, and coordination with vendors.

This approach has allowed couples to proceed with their weddings despite restrictions, bringing flexibility and accessibility to wedding planning.