Best Advantages and Disadvantages of Arranged Marriage

Best Advantages and Disadvantages of Arranged Marriage

Arranging for a marriage is not an easy task. Many people do not find their suitable mate even after many years of search. However, in most traditions of the world, arranged marriage has a greater degree of social sanction. Our real life experiences tell us that a majority of arranged marriages turn out successful as against the increasing number of failing love marriages.

Advantages of arranged marriage

Arranged marriage is generally accepted in our society as it lends creditability and social recognition for a secured conjugal life. The entire responsibility of the marriage is undertaken by both the parents. In-Laws adjustment is better in the case of an arranged marriage. In addition, there are many more benefits.

— Participation of families and relatives

Since arranged marriages happen as per the conventions, it is most likely that the entire family and relatives actively participate in the marriage. Therefore, you never feel you are left alone to fight for your fate. The happy moments of marriage win the blessings and goodwill of all the elders.

— After marriage support from the elders

Having approved the marriage wholeheartedly, the elders in the family and relatives circle will actively support the couple with the married life of the partners. If there are any problems in between the couple, the elders involve voluntarily and make compromises and advices to see them together once again.

— The suitability can be ascertained from all angles

In an arranged marriage, you can have several parameters in front of you and match the prospective candidates with those expectations. You can approach the life mate search from different angles so that your choice is fool proof and lets you land on the most suitable match. Since the options you work with are not known to you, you can make an objective evaluation of the match to ascertain he suitability.

— No big compromises needed

When you are in love with someone and wish to choose them as your life partner, you need to make many compromises. Love marriages demand give and take and you will have to sacrifice many things to meet the expectations of your lover to facilitate the marriage union. In an arranged marriage you are under no obligation to accept anyone’s proposal. You do not need to make any compromises and can stick to your expectations.

— Mutual working towards achieving common goals

The play of ego is very less in arranged marriages. Both the partners are seen highly prepared to work in harmony towards meeting their common goals. Hence most arranged marriages turn successful resulting in the happy union of the couple.

— Minimum expectations from the life partner

While two people come together through love marriage, they tend to expect the minimum from their life partner. Hence even little acts of understanding and empathy can make them happy and get along comfortably with each other till they learn fully about the other person and build the mansion of family.

— Ability to work with any number of options

When you look for a life partner through the system of arranged marriage, you get to work with thousands of options. Hence you can stick to your expectations and hunt for the most suitable life partner. You are the ultimate authority to make the decision and hence you are under no compulsion or constraints to hurry up with the selection or land on an unsuitable match.

Disadvantages of arranged marriages: Arrange marriage has lots of advantages it’s true .in the other hand it has some disadvantages too.

Spouses may not trust each other

Since they actually do not know each other before the marriage takes place, there might also be a significant lack of trust between partners in a marriage.

Hence, if partners do not trust each other, it might be quite difficult to maintain a working marriage since mistrust can destroy bonds between partners.

Love is often not a factor

As we have seen before, arranged marriages can have some advantages. Yet, there are several crucial problems related to forced marriages. One downside of arranged marriages is that love will most often be not a factor at all.

Maybe partners may get along with each other, however, they will likely never have any kind of feeling for each other. This can be considered as quite sad since many people marry since they have strong feelings for each other and really enjoy their time together and arranged marriages will not account for this important factor at all.

Potential higher divorce rates

Depending on the country and on the individual circumstances, arranged marriages might also lead to higher divorce rates. Even if this is not the case, some partners may simply escape their marriage by traveling to foreign countries with hopes for a better life in order to get out of their misery. Moreover, even if people stay in arranged marriages, many of them might not be happy at all.

Missing  Dating period

Many of us also really enjoy dating many different people until we find the partner that best fits our preferences. However, it is only possible to decide who fits us if we get experienced in dating. Hence, if this experience is missing, plenty of fun is taken out of all of it and also, the chances for a misfit will become much higher.

People may be quite unhappy

In general, people who are forced into arranged marriages may be much unhappier compared to people who were able to choose their partner by themselves since they might feel like all the freedom of choice had been taken away from them and they never had any influence on this important life decision.

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