Happy Friendship Day: 8 tips to maintain long-lasting friendships

Happy Friendship Day: 8 tips to maintain long-lasting friendships

Happy Friendship Day is here, so if you’re thinking about your pals it’s obvious. But if you are struggling to maintain a friendship then you need some helpful advice. Read on to find out how to maintain a long-lasting friendship.

Friendship matters. Beyond a certain age, you realize that it’s not about having a huge circle of friends. All that matters is that you should be happy with your friends irrespective of their number. But its not a cakewalk. It takes work. On Friendship Day 2023, let us tell you how to maintain friendship.

Guys Reasons Why You Are Struggling To Maintain Friendships

Do you sometimes wonder, “Why do I struggle to maintain friendships?”
Well, friendship is all about mutual understanding, caring and commitment. But sometimes maintaining long term friendship becomes difficult. Here are some reasons why it might happen:

  1. Social anxiety or low self-esteem
    You may feel insecure around others or worry about being judged, which causes you to withdraw socially, Dr. Kalpna Kohli says. You may isolate or cancel plans frequently, which will ultimately end the relationship.
  2. Difficulty with vulnerability
    You may have trouble opening up to others emotionally or resisting the vulnerability required for intimacy. Past betrayals or disappointments can breed the fear of opening up.
  3. Intense emotional reactions
    You may have intense emotional responses that strain bonds or cause dramatic shifts in mood that perplex friends. Moodiness, outbursts, hyper-sensibility can keep friends away from you.
  4. Lack of reciprocity
    You may be too self-absorbed or demanding in relationships and fail to reciprocate interest in your friends’ lives.
  5. Competition or jealousy
    Comparisons and jealousy towards friends’ successes can breed resentment and distance.
  6. Poor communication skills
    Defensiveness during conflicts, failure to express feelings constructively, and lack of listening impede resolution. You may lack the skills for managing conflict, listening empathetically or expressing feelings, which hampers resolving issues.
  7. Low commitment
    You might have a reluctance to invest time and effort into maintaining friendships consistently. You could be operating from an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mindset, says the expert.
  8. Lifestyle differences
    Diverging paths and developing mismatched interests, priorities or values over time can cause friendships to fade.

Tips to maintain friendship: If you wish to maintain strong friendships in adulthood, do the following.

  1. Make time for each other
    Schedule regular catch-up sessions whether virtually or in-person to devote quality time to actively nurture the friendship. Don’t always wait for the most convenient time, says Dr. Kalpna Kohli.
  2. Communicate openly
    Discuss both the joys and disappointments openly in the relationship. Do not let little annoyances build up, and be a good listener.
  3. Show appreciation
    Express how much friendship means on a regular basis. send thoughtful gifts or messages It does not have to be just birthdays or any other special occasion.
  4. Follow through on promises
    Do not commit to plans or favors you cannot fulfill. Honor your word with deep trust, suggests the expert.
  5. Allow friendships to evolve
    Accept that interests or priorities may shift as you and your friends change. Adapt to the new phases of life together.
  6. Give each other space
    Respect each other’s boundaries and the need for alone time or space from the friendship occasionally. Time apart can strengthen bonds surprisingly.
  7. Put away distractions
    Avoid using the phone or multitasking when together. Be completely present and engaged in whatever you are doing with your friends.
  8. Celebrate milestones
    Make occasions like birthdays, accomplishments, or holidays special. Share & support major life events.

Maintaining long-lasting friendships needs a little effort, but there is so much you can gain from it, especially in stressful times.