Best Marriage advice from divorced

Best Marriage advice from divorced

As contradictory as it may sound, you can get some of the best marriage advice from divorced people. It seems strange and certain that something like: “Once someone has failed, what can he teach me…” is spinning in your head. Listen to them if you want to avoid hopping on divorce marital sites. So trust the people who know best what works in marriage and what does not. You do not have to repeat their mistakes to reach their findings.

Don’t forget that a person learns mostly from his failures, so don’t think about it and keep in mind the following some marriage tips:

  1. Get to know and love yourself.
    This is one of the main recommendations that you should follow if you want a healthy and successful marriage. If you do not love yourself, you will never be able to love another person fully. You will always be disappointed with something, and in fact the reason for it will be rooted somewhere deep inside you.
  2. Communicate carefully.
    Once you say something, you can’t take back your words as much as you want. Your words have reached the person and hurt him. So chose carefully what you say and avoid confrontations when you are very angry. Find a way to argue moderately with your husband and don’t forget to listen to each other. As a married couple, you need to be capable of discussing all important issues, without leading to sharp conflicts.
  3. Be your partner’s best friend.
    While the amorous and hot period of the honeymoon does not last forever, the friendship manages to withstand the test of time. That is why it is important to make a real friendship with your partner and not to accept him merely as a lover. Chemistry is important, but the most steady marriages are built on friendship.
  4. Don’t forget the little things.
    Who wouldn’t enjoy a surprising romantic dinner or saying “I love you” after a hard day? In the long run, little things matter as much as big things – so don’t ignore them. Remember to show your emotions to each other even in the simplest way.

Best marriage advice from divorced women

  1. Constant criticism:
    Small little criticisms all the time can later become dissatisfaction. This is like slowly poison for your marriage. If either or both of you begin resenting each other, your marriage will be dead.
  2. Take these pieces of advice:
    Marriage is no joke as it requires a lot of loyalty, passion, faith, communication, understanding and compassion. When any of the elements go wrong, the marriage can end in a divorce. Here are 5 divorced women who gave some of the best marriage advise.
  3. Choose your words:
    It is important to choose your words carefully even if you think you are joking as you never know what your partner may interpret. Harsh words spawed amidst fights can ruin the best of marriages and you cannot take your words back.
  4. Don’t isolate yourself:
    Many men and even some women tend to isolate themselves from their partners and so not share their emotions with them. This further leads to miscommunication and can break a marriage if you do not mend your paths. Communications is the key to marriage. You get married to be with a partner so what is the point of having to live your own life and exclude the other?
  5. Your phone is the 3rd person:
    In a marriage, it should just be you and your partner and room for no third person. However, many people have developed a dreadful habit of being on their phone all the time as if they married their phone and not their partner. So stop using the phone whenever you and your partner should be spending some time together.
  6. Not prioritizing the partner:
    Work life is important as it pays the bills but when you prioritize work over your partner, putting everything else on hold, you are losing your partner slowly and steady. You and your partner can become very distant if you don’t stop now!
  7. The right argument:
    You do not always have to be right whenever there is an argument. Even if you disagree, sometimes remaining quiet is fine. Put your point across a little later when your spouse has cooled down.